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I've found that I enjoy the games more when they run on Dosbox rather than ScummVM. Is there some way to run the Conquests games on Dosbox?

I would think that copying the Dosbox files from some game that does use it (e.g. Quest for Glory), pasting them into the folders for the Conquests games, and doing a few minor edits should enable me to run the Conquests games on Dosbox. Is this a good idea, or a very bad one?
May I ask why you enjoy dosbox more?
Bluddy: May I ask why you enjoy dosbox more?
Part of it is that the save slots are more authentic to how the game originally was, and I appreciate that. I also know more about how to emulate the MT-32 sounds with Dosbox than with ScummVM, and I don't get any errors with the background music (as I complained about in another thread).