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You can get Soul Points for buying the pelts from the hunter in the dark forest, but only if you first open your purse (either to give him a silver in advance of buying the pelts, or to pay one gold for his spear first). If you try to buy the pelts, give him a silver, and buy the pelts again, the pelts will be bought but you won't get any Soul for it.

Funnily enough, the gold that you spend to buy his spear seems to be enough to buy the pelts as well. If you first buy the spear, then try to buy the pelts, he'll say that you've already paid for the pelts, and your Soul will go up. (And it spares you the requirement to pay him a silver coin.)

In summary: When you meet the hunter, OPEN PURSE to give him a copper so that you can talk to him. Then, for maximum Soul Points if you're a cheapskate, first BUY SPEAR, then OPEN PURSE to give him one gold piece, then BUY PELTS.

If you're too much of a spendthrift to do that, OPEN PURSE to give him one silver piece (for which he will thank you for your generosity but won't say anything about the pelts), then BUY PELTS. Make sure you do so in that order, or you'll miss out on the Soul Points. (Which, I'm pretty sure, is a bug.)

While you're there, ASK ABOUT BLACK KNIGHT to increase your wisdom.
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