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I have searched across Google and haven't been able to find out any info on how to edit the mission files. I want to be able to lessen the fog or just outright remove it, but I'd prefer it if I were able to lessen it so that the gameplay isn't completely changed.

I know this is possible because it is showcased in this video here: I'm unable to post links at the moment, the name of the video on youtube is Conflict Desert Storm 1 Mission 5 (Without desert storm Effect & Fog). ( the url is watch?v=abXnixP7Nqk)

I would comment and ask them, but they seem inactive and haven't answered someone else who asked the same question. Any help would be appreciated.
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Never mind, I just realised that it's a launcher setting. In my defence, I didn't think to look in there because just going in there resets your res back to the lowest and then you have to go right back to the Registry lol