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Does anyone know if there's any mods or any way to get co-op play on the PC? either on LAN or local Co-op, I have xbox controllers plugged into my PC and was interested in doing split-screen or LAN play. Any ideas anyone or is it a lost cause?
are there servers up after all these years?
grove12345: are there servers up after all these years?
Lan should work still internet just uses IP so still be able to play but i agree with OP me and my brother loved this on PS2 and was able to play Co-op so is there any way to play co-op?
Well from what I've read the original version didn't have the proper co-op from the console versions so I think it's safe to assume that this version doesn't either. Also, I can't find anything about mods for this game anywhere that would change this :(
the PC version of conflict vietnam didnt have coop either (stupid move on the developers part)... its rare that in the ps2 days, a console version was superior to the pc but here's one example
Yeah i dont know why so many people in reviews talk about coop.
They basicly rateconsole versions.
It can sucks hard for people who decide to buy it because it has coop based on reviews they readed.
So this game doesn't have any kind of cooperative play? On the store page it says it has multiplayer.
I just played and there are small co-op missions and team deathmatch options for up to 8 players, but I didn't see any option to play the campaign in co-op. It's only my first day playing though, so I'm not very familiar with all the settings and modes yet.

We used Hamachi to connect over the Internet using the LAN option in game and we also followed a Steam guide called How To 1080p/4K@60fps Any Conflict Game And How To Fix Problems to make the game run smoothly without crashing, but setting the FPS to 30 not 60.