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Changelog for Update (19 August 2020 / added 28 August 2020):

- Barbershops now have a daily heat removal of -1/-2/-3
- Tailors now have a daily heat removal of -1/-2/-3
- Additional Exit zone on the roof in Lumberjack’s Foot

- Laundry daily heat reductions changed from -1/-2/-3 to -2/-3-4 respectively
- Residential daily heat reductions changed from -1/-2/-3 to -3/-4/-5 respectively
- HQ daily heat reductions changed from -1/-2/-3/-4 to -2/-3/-4/-5 respectively
- Bull rush stamina damage decreased from 3-5 to 1-2
- Starting respect value in Newham changed to 20
- All districts (excluding Newham) have a starting value of 5 to both fear and respect
- Heat multipliers for Bordellos and Residential areas dropped to 0.5x. This should help a bit with bottle-necked areas with one exit
- Respect requirement for auto-resolves dropped from 50 to 35 per district
- Influence gain from extortion missions was increased from 10/20/30 to 12/24/36 respectively
- Maximum heat accumulation per tactical mission capped at 400 max (one full bar)
- Bandage unlocked at the beginning
- Evidence is now dropped when police are called instead of arriving
- Remove Audio Quality from Settings (All audio as high quality)

- Police AI no longer attempts arrest as highest priority in all situations
- Heal assignment can now only be done in HQ, and owned vets and residentials
- Deaf Vagabond had criminal side description, when playing as the police
- Enemy AI no longer prioritize Bull Rush in stupid situations
- Speech bubble timing
- SteamVR and OculusVR disabled
- Some breakable props not breaking
- Crew selection title
- Victory screen show wrong information of killed characters
- AI use skills that they shouldn’t
- Male characters not using idle turn animations
- Coat rack pick up position fixed
- Lumberjack’s Foot had enemies spawning in inaccessible area
- Harding’n’Sons had enemies spawning in inaccessible area
- Can’t change units in Crew selection when there is 6 units
- Brook’s Home - level had a table that make progressing in the level impossible
- The Tiger had a enemy spawn point inside a shelf

Known Issues
- If all friendly units are grappled and unable to move, the game thinks mission is failed
- If you finish all objectives with all units on the exit zone, the game sometimes crashes
- Order units can sometimes pick up evidence, and leave the mission, soft-locking the game

Standalone installers updated 28 & 31 August 2020:
- Windows: ⇒;
- Mac: ⇒
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Changelog for Update (24 September 2020):

- Player can now change the name of the units Auto-resolve added for police campaign
- Enemy count depends now on mission type, location level and location type
- Preview damage when throwing a bottle Show prison objective icon for Queens Tribunal if units are arrested and district is unlocked
- Melee weapon attack is now separated from regular hit, allowing player to choose when to use melee weapon Targeting UI & UX has been improved - target icon shows direction for attack Confirm button is red if triggers zone of control
- Police raids and arrests now reduce heat

- Heat reduction to all level tailors
- Heat reduction assignment’s effect is increased from 50 to 150
- Heat removal needs only one assignment
- Using weapons now cause less heat
- Heat assignments have increased influence cost
- Heat assignments have increased finishing time, varying from level to level Increase rain interpolation speed
- Camera don’t show loot in the start of the mission
- Balanced loot count (1-3)
- All but first police patrol arrival times changed from 4 to 5
- Zone of Control icons are smaller
- Zone of Control icons rotate with camera
- Hover tile visibility increased Crew selection added for
- Raided by Police missions Threaten on civilians now are nearly automatic successes
- Boss units now always have weapons

- Bull Rush visualizer
- If you finish all objectives with all units on the exit zone, the game sometimes crashes
- If all friendly units are grappled and unable to move, the game thinks mission is failed
- Objective not showing complete in Reporter In Trouble when mission is over
- Game doesn’t work correctly on some resolutions
- Unit could be unavailable even if it shouldn’t
- Mission finished screen and victory screen have different number of wounded units
- Assignment reward’s tutorial box position
- Picking up loot while in wrestle
- Several text bugs fixed
- The Scepter and Trident has one spawn point in inaccessible location
- English tutorial had click anywhere to continue twice in one step

Standalone installers updated:
- Windows: ⇒;
- Mac: ⇒
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Update (24 November 2020)

- Split screen action camera
- Camera shake effect for attacks
- Arrest sentence duration based from crew member criminal activity type
- Randomize clothes for crew member
- Heat value into tooltip in strategy layer
- Camera settings calculation for extra wide screens
- Number of found locations visible in Source of drugs objective
- Heat increase for killing police
- Crew selection locked tooltip
- Tooltip for boss count
- Secondary objectives in tactical layer
- Resolution order in settings
- Knocked out & killed units drop their weapons
- Units can pick up weapons from the floor
- Enemy and player crew member movement speed can be changed from settings
- Heat bar animations in tactical layer
- Different post process materials for different windows
- Post process effect for particles from shooting
- Opening cutscene

- Item button element order to change items easier
- Move visualization
- Disable windmilling from civilians towards police
- AI improvements
- Enemies more eager to start gunfight if they are clearly losing the fight
- All level 2 enemy units gained 10% more stamina, except boss units
- All level 3 enemy units gained 33% more stamina, except boss units
- All boss units gained 10% stamina in level 2 & 3

- Health/stamina damage calculated incorrectly
- Eye Gouge skill minor bug
- Act Cool skill minor bug
- Wrestle skill minor bug
- Solid feet skill minor bug
- Crick Warehouse mission
- Nutkick critical hit change
- Kneekick critical change and duration
- Reachable tiles aren’t updated
- Tutorial civilian spawning in other missions
- Direction arrow rotation on stairs
- Heal button if no available locations
- Crew members are not removed from heal assignment when it is done
- Lay low assignment finished notification
- Monthly balance won’t update when levelling up
- Weapons have different post process effect than characters
- Strategy layer performance bug
- Auto extortions not being removed and monthly income not updated when year is changed
- Duplicate text prompt in tutorial
- Performance issue in Hidey Hole location
- Sound mixing problem in strategy layer
- Performance issue when recruiting crew
Standalone installers updated:
- Windows: ⇒;
- Mac: ⇒
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Update (4 December 2020)

- FIXED mouse area when resolution is changed
- FIXED Lock mouse to the screen when playing with fullscreen mode
- FIXED Check saved resolution that it is valid, if not then use default resolution
Standalone installers updated 04 & 07 December 2020:
- Windows: ⇒;
- Mac: ⇒
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From Steam:
The game had a small issue regarding language selection.

- Changing language needs extra clicks
Standalone installers updated 14 December 2020:
- Windows: ⇒;
- Mac: ⇒
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Update (28 January 2021)

- Scrollable items in crew selection
- Unit stats layout in crew selection
- Soft lock in crew selection
- Hit with weapon description shows what weapons is in use
- Windowed fullscreen
- Heat reduction from negative value to positive
Standalone installers updated 28 January & 02 February 2021:
- Windows: ⇒;
- Mac: ⇒
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Update (15 February 2021)

• Gamepad fix for activating an action
• Gamepad fix for selection crew
• Gamepad fix for upgrading units after mission
Standalone installers updated 18 February 2021:
Windows: ⇒
Update (3 December 2021)
• Missing Localizations for some texts
• Hidden story locations could sometimes be revealed before a mission started in them
• One police story mission didn’t always trigger correctly
Standalone installers updated 06 December 2021:
Windows: ⇒