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Here is some fixes i've put together to eliminate the bugs on Commandos 3 on Windows 8/8.1/10, mostly the graphic and crash issues.

Uses updated .exe from steam version, which fixes all the pink graphic bugs, flickering menus, and crashes (Will work on non steam versions because included a .dll).
Semi fixed the train mission by using the Y64 file (converted) and MA2 file from Commandos 2 Destination Paris mod version, now you can actually see the map without it being completely broken so it's now playable unlike before. However it doesn't have the moving animation sadly. (Thanks to everyone who made DP version for this)


Copy all the files from the .zip file to your Commandos 3 directory, If you want to uninstall this again later make sure you backup the original Commandos3.exe before install.

Delete Commandos3.exe, Commandos 3 multiplayer.bat and steamapi.dll from commandos 3 folder, and put the original backed up Commandos3.exe back.
Next go to Data/TM folder and delete TM.BAS, TM.MA2 and TM_2.Y64. (DON'T DELETE TM.Y64)

Cheat code will be PYROFOREVER instead of SOYINCAPAZ after install this.
Multiplayer is disabled by default, however by running the included .bat file you can still play multiplayer.
If anyone knows a better way of fixing train mission please let me know.
Post edited January 19, 2017 by robertholloway2010
I will test it, thanks.

Edit: It works perfectly and easily. May you be blessed.
Post edited June 16, 2017 by pladeira
It works also for me ! Thanks a lot !! You are a genius !!...