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Can anyone confirm if this work?

How to remove censorship-open Users\YOURCOMPUTERNAMEHERE\AppData\LocalLow\Kalypso Media Group GmbH\Commandos 2 HD Remaster
Open with the COMM2 text editor.CFG and change NOVIOLETAS 0 to 1
Nope, doesn't work.
I'd be surprised if it were that easy.

If that actually works it would make Kalypso even more incompetent than they already are, releasing a remaster to a classic in such a sorry and unacceptable state.

Remember, according to their statements they deliberately chose to censor. Not because they had to (an uncensored version could have been submitted to Germany's ratings board and likely would have been given the green light since Commandos 2 clearly is and never was about glorifying the Third Reich or anything along those lines) but they felt "morally obliged" to do so.

Sounds to me like they've made damn sure that every last one of the original uncensored assets has been replaced with the censored ones in the remastered version. Meaning you couldn't just switch back to the original uncensored assets since there aren't any.