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I'm having the problem that I get absolutely no sound ingame except for the fmvs.
I'm trying to run it on my packard bell easynote lj75 notebook under win 7 home premium 64bit.
I also tried different compatibility settings but had no luck in getting it to work.
Any ideas on how to solve it?

edit. already solved it. forget the topic.
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would be nice to post the fix,as I'm having the same problem.
voodoo47: would be nice to post the fix,as I'm having the same problem.
Haha, seriously! That is just bad forum etiquette.. I have the problem as well. Tried a bunch of different settings under the compatability tab. Not getting responses from gog support, although it is the weekend. I'm tempted to just create a small partition and install windows xp.
To fix I had to do win 95 compatibility AND run as admin. Win 7 x64. This fixed the same issue in a couple other games.

EDIT: I spoke too soon. After quitting the game, now ALL the games are showing the same symptoms again WITH win95 compatibility AND run as admin. ARGH. Waste of my weekend and money, so frustrating.
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you could have said how :) I've got the same issue
I hope this could help someone else with this problem.
I solved with compatibility mode set to Windows 2000 (not win95, not win98, not winXP) AND run as admin.
I'm on win7 x64.
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