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I am having an issue with no sound in the game. I have done the Windows 10 Fix to help the graphics and verified the files, uninstalled and reinstalled, and yet I still have no sound in game. I have checked my Sound Mixer to make sure no issues there. Anyone else have issues with sound?
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I do not have sound issue on the initial start, but if I alt-tab or esc out of the game and come back to it, it is often gone, and won't come back, even when trying to trigger it with shift+S.
Same for me (CMBB), no sound att all. I have not done anything, is there a guide to fix sound issues?
I solved the SOUND issue!
Find the shortcut to start the game, right cllick -> compability -> Run as administrator,
I have no in game sound either. Tried all the compatibility settings, run as admin. Tried the galaxy client install and the download install, no luck. anyone have any ideas, i submitted a support ticket but haven't heard back yet.
GOG got back to me and as soon as i read the message i knew what the problem was. I have Sonic Studio installed for audio profiles and such, as soon as i exited the program the sound worked fine.