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Hi !

In Afrika Korps i have no Ambient sound (rain sound) like in CMBB or CMBO. All other sounds work fine. I have pressed shift-s to make sure its activated and tried to run as administrator and tried installing with gog galaxy and standard installer (ran as administrator).

Does anyone know how to fix this ?
Dear All.

I can confirm this CMAK sound problem as well on my Surface Pro 4. In both CMBO and CMBB ambient sounds like rain, birds, canons are there, but not in CMAK. I have checked that ambient sounds are enabled in my settings.

Kind regards.
Hi again,

The sound files 5000-5010 in the Wav folder of CMAK are missing. As a workaround you can copy them from the CMBB Wav folder, if you have this game - then the ambient sounds are back.

Kind regards.