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- New story content: Delivery of monks warning and the events with Sheffield if you started peace talks between Silas and Hanson. The fate of The Pit.
- Improved performance in areas with a lot of civilian characters (Pit, Habitat, Heart).
- Added special deals on several traders.
- Added several autosave instances.
- Polished visuals all around the game (ongoing).


- You can now skip trying to convince Mercy.
- Added a stealth path for dealing with Hargrave.
- Tweaked stealth sequences.



- You can sneak inside Fort Stanton.
- You are given a reward after the Black Hand fight or speech sequence.
- Added a way to change paths against the Black Hand (fight or speech/sneak).
- Added a few more map points

Habitat Rooftops

- Added a trader, that also gives biotech training.
- Added a mutant trader with some high tech wares.

Brotherhood Tower

- Added 3 sneak locations (two homes and a faction warehouse).
- Minor event with a locker.
- Electronics trainer in residential area.
- You can meet Hargrave if he's alive.
- Improved visuals in several spots, especially on Storm's apartment.
- Improved layout in Menzel's apartment for sneaking balance, and fixed some issues.

Protectors Tower

- New quest: Infiltrate the Mission Justice building.
- New sneak location (home).
- Re-arranged the residential area, so you can see a bit more before being detained.
- Added a lockpick trainer.
- Heavily improved the visuals and layout of the spy and soldier of fortune quest locations.

Church Tower

- New sneak location (faction warehouse).
- You can meet Morgan if he's alive.
- New minor event related to stealing a keycard, and possibly meeting Jia again.
- Added a persuasion trainer.
- Improved level visuals, especially on the residential area.


- Added Zeke's Emitter quest.
- You can meet the wounded man.
- Pit shops are updated with new items.


Armor Handling

- Armor handling no longer reduces the penalty from each armor piece.
- Condensed armor penalties in a single value that reduces armor handling.
- If armor handling goes into negatives, that's the penalty applied to evasion, initiative and reaction.
- Armor handling gives 4 points per level.
- Armored warfare increased to 8 armor handling (from 6).
- Reduced implant upgrade armor handling to 4 (from 6).

Stealth and Cloaking Field

- Base Sneak is 10 (from 20), yellow tiles base range now 20 (from 10).
- Changed enemies visibility curves, they fall linearly now, they see further but value on the sides is lower.
- Improved AI pathfinding during stealth (sneaking characters won't block pathfinding, properly use doors).
- Enemies are more likely to return to their original spot or do patrols if they don't find anything.
- Enemies will now stay in searching mode after finding a body (resting point becomes 75 instead of 50).
- Standarized visibility fields and awareness meters in enemies.
- Cloaking field in stealth re-worked. Instead of increasing the user's sneak skill, it now affects the tile difficulty. Once activated, tile difficulty is based on enemy's thermal vision, their detection is increased each turn when the cloak fades.
- Cloaking field in combat is now deterministic (no more rolls to detect character nor reaction on attacks). Thermal vision determines starting detection, cloak fading and attacks increased the detection. Once a character reaches 100 detection, they can see the cloaked character (they can attack it with reduced accuracy).

General changes

- Double Shot: Graze Mod +30 (from +15), Critical Damage 1.35x (from 1.2x), critical effect is stackable evasion penalty 10 (from knockout). This effect is added to the regular 5 per shot (10 penalty on normal hits, 30 penalty on critical).
- Changed Energy Shield Capacitor to 2-4-6-8 (from 3-4-5-6).
- Changed Distortion Field Disruptor to 1-3/2-3/2-4/3-4 (from 1-2/1-3/2-3/2-4).
- Unclamped faction reputation (ranks still go from -20 to 20, but you can bank or sink your reputation beyond those points).
- Master Trader: Now unlocks unique deals throughout the game, grants auto-success on barter checks. Price reduction is now 25% (from 50%).
- Minor tweaks to companion starting skills.
- Work on loot pass (ongoing).


- Fixed handcannon wrong AP on Double Shot.
- Fixed XP on Menzel stealth.
- Fixed issue with not being able to loot Ol' Bub if you fight him when going down with Shadow.
- Fixed issue with enemies and finding bodies in stealth.