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Per Steam:

Update Notes for Nov 22
- Added more dialogue with party members when arriving to the final area of the game.
- Added a journal entry for when you talk to Eli about the robot but didn't accept to destroy it.
- Fixed being able to start combat in Brotherhood's Habitat plaza sneak sequence.
- Fixed an issue with the gap in the armory incorrectly triggering the armory attack sequence.
- Fixed Stanton not being reachable in the alliance quest (needs a reload on the factory on old saves).
- Fixed energy weapons and vests selling for less than intended (they sell for more than regular weapons now).
- Added alternate solution to Justice building computers check.
- Fixed issue with map markers in Habitat top.
- Added energy ammo loot on energy turrets.
- Increased size of items in inventory/loot/trade, added scrollbar (auto-sort in old saves to adjust).
- Minor tweaks to level visuals and sounds.
- Fixed typos and journal issues.

Was this going to be released on GOG also?
My apologies, it was sitting on the wrong branch for some reason.
IronTowerStudio: My apologies, it was sitting on the wrong branch for some reason.
No problem. Thanks.