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I still keep comming back to the game and now it's gone so far that I can't even remember a time when I played anything but Spain. Everytime I try I just end up missing it. Like somone said they are heavily dependent on the right founding fathers and if I don't get the right ones It's hard to rush and I just end up in standby mode, trying not to get overrun by the Dutch economy or the English Heavy focus on having tons of units early on. Spain is also very dependent on exploration, your main source of income is using the advantage of attacking indians and finding the aztec and Inca as early as possible is very important. Other countries can Always choose to lay low and trade with indians in case things don't go as planned but with Spain I Always feel like if I don't wipe them out I'm not using the country to it's fullest potential. Then again playing with Spain also makes it easier if you want to just trade with Indians as no one else in playing Spain and the computer as Spain tend to kill of every Indian so you have no one to trade with anyway.

And oh yeah this game is still in my top 5 games ever and have been since I first played it on my Amiga 600 as a Child ^^
Spain is fun to play, however, you get a score penalty for wiping out the villages.