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Hello, people.
After buying a gaming wheel I thought that it was high time to revisit CMR05. And after launching the game and setting everything up I still have one problem I can't solve. As the name of the topic hints, it is the ingame hud.
My problem is that while playing with a wheel I can't see the tacho and basically any other hud element behind it.
CMR05 seems to be using two different huds for chase camera and the onboard ones. So I'm facing an unpleasant choice here: either play with "3rd person" view, or with in-car one without tacho (that I need for manual shifting).
So it would be really nice to have a mod allowing the use of chase cam hud with onboard cameras.
I'd also like to get rid of the damage indicator, but to be honest I can live with it. Kind of.
Maybe you know of some existing hud mods or ways I can edit it myself?
I can't be the only one with this problem.
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