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Guys, my Colin McRae Rally 2005 game crashes on startup, anybody got clues?

edit: nm, fixed it


JUST KIDDING! Read on. :)


This is a continuation of a previous post of mine but since the context is different I figured I'd make a new thread to help bring the procedure to attention. If you found me through a Google search, hi!

I recently had problems running the game again and got to take a refresher course on ALL the steps I performed to get it working once more. Fortunately, you do not need any patches or external files. Your game's GOG installer will do. Hang on to it.

You guys better appreciate that. In my drunken attempts I mistakenly reinstalled StarForce and prevented my own system from booting until I managed to open a console using a repair disk and manually delete the offending pieces of Russian communism and thereby restore glorious freedom to my gaming box. Don't ask.


I wrote the procedure on PCGamingWiki here:

If your religion prevents you from going to that website, here's a verbatim copy on how to get the game working:

Windows Compatibility

This game is notoriously difficult to run on Windows 7, the primary symptom of which being an immediate application crash when one attempts to run it. If encountered, follow these steps. Take note that this procedure is for the version of the game.

1 - If your system has been changed in any way, or you have not played the game in a long time, use the GOG game installer to reinstall the game. Place it in some other location than your current installation.

2 - Navigate to the SG folder of your non-working Colin McRae Rally game folder, and copy the contents into the SG folder of your new game installation. This will allow you to keep your saves, ghosts, options, etc.

3 - Create a shortcut to your new game installation if the installer hasn't done so. Right-click on the shortcut, select Properties and then select the Compatibility tab. Check "Run this program in compatibility mode" and select Windows XP Service Pack 3 from the drop-down menu.

4 - Attempt to run the game. If everything has gone well, you can safely delete the folder of your non-working game installation.
Hello everyone. I was downloading some games I had on another system (which I no longer own) to this one that's a tad older. Problem is they work after the first startup but wont the second time with the exception of games that utilize DosBox. Any Ideas? Thank You.
I don't have idea........ what's that MAGIC newest SG Folder ???
How i can download ?

Meantime the games it's started the first say it's not compatible.
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