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It was shocking for me to hear that Raleigh Holmes, the brilliant voice-actor of Erica, had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer last Halloween. She already had to go through a long way of surgeries and treatments to fight against the aggressive cells growing in her body.

She got the chance to undergo fertitly treatmens, which on the other side are bound to extensive costs and which she and her family isn't able to afford herself.

A friend of her put up a page on which you're able to support her with kind words and a donation. I'm sure that every spare coin that you're able to part from is going to help the cause.

This is probably not the best place to spread words about that, but maybe there are some others out here who, like me, admire her unforgettable work on Cognition by giving Erica incredible depth and character, and want to help in any way possible.

Rally for Raleigh

Thanks for your attention!
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Just came here to share the news and it's already up! Thank you

Raleigh is more that just the voiceover for Erica, she's also the lead singer of the Scarlet Furies and as such featured in Grey Matter soundtrack, another game by Jane Jensen - Grey Matter is not yet on GOG though...

Anyway, thank you to everyone who decides to chip in to Raleigh's campaign.