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As my title states, I just started this adventure and I wanted to ask a question regarding the overall design of the game.
I played and loved Gray Matter where Jane Jensen was more directly involved in it's creation, but I get it, this one's an indie game on a low budget. Will take some time, but I can look past the stiff, floaty animations and the 2 brush-strokes backgrounds.

Only got past the prologue and then stopped, but this is what I have so far:

- She refuses to wait for backup because it will take time get there, yet the time she took to get into the mausoleum and disarm the trap, it could have easily been allocated to waiting for professionals. (She mentions she's not trained for this).

- Regarding the trap/fuse box. The antagonist/villain is seen as clipping the wires on, yet she uses a wire-cutter to disarm them? Why? can't she just un-clip them?

- The killer/villain pops out of nowhere, behind her through a door that her partner was guarding, yet in front of her not-yet-dead brother. Couldn't he have warned her?

- After a rigid-looking confrontation the killer proceeds to escape through a doorway, out of an area surrounded by cops...and he escaped.

Is this the type of ingenuity and design I can expect throughout the game, or is this just a prologue-thing?
Should i keep playing or stop now?

Also, Game of the Year edition? When was it Game of the Year?
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