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Improvements & Additions

- The Inventory now has cells in different colors to highlight the class of an item, to better detect what each item does.

- The game has been translated into two new languages: Norwegian and Portuguese.

- The Input System now has a configuration menu to customize every button as the player wishes. [Please note: the buttons icons that appear in-game will stay the default ones. Please note: some voices of the input configuration will stay in English.]

- The UI has been improved in various aspects, the Quests Interface is now with a bigger font and it’s scrollable, also to be modular and implement new quests for the full version.

- Some Enemies’ AI have been improved.

- The Map system for the whole world has been improved. It is now possible to zoom and scroll it to have a better understanding of the player position and world geography.

- Added an Option to toggle the Camera Shake during blows and hits.

Bugs Fixed

- Fixed a bug related with the Side Quests Achievement, not triggering.

- Fixed a bug that was showing a weapon slash right after changing location.

- Fixed a bug with some shops, not selling certain items at the first attempt.

- Polished some bugs related to Enemies Animations.