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Themop22: It loads to a black screen and tells me it requires a cd rom- im unsure of where to go from here now
zloty_111: Anybody knows how to solve this?

EDIT: I think I solved it.

If you can play "plain" unmoded version from GOG, but after installing a mod you get "no cd-rom" message, here is what you need to do:

1. Backup your CC5.exe file BEFORE installing any mod (make sure it's working)
2. Install mod
3. Use hex editor (I used HxD, it's free) and compare both modded CC5.exe and your backup CC5.exe
4. In my case there was only one difference between the files somewhere in the beginning (dont remember which line, sorry), and a lot of added lines in the very end.
5. Modify modded CC5.exe from your game directory to have the same values in line as your backup CC5.exe (ignore last lines that are extra in modded exe file and empty in unmodded)
This worked, although I had to hex edit quite a lot and saved occasionaly to see if it starts. It did after 10-20 edits
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Trying to run Bloody Omaha Mod with CC5, I get an error message "Unable to open file for streaming"
I am running Windows 11 and the GOG CC5 runs on my machine.
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