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How does Caen compare to other titles, especially CC2 and CC5? Any notable improvements or features?
It's one of the new ones created by Matrix games. The store page covers some of the improvements in the description.

Here is the forum for the game to read over. Don't forget to set "Display Topic from Last" to set a longer time period and see all posts.
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The General battle is quite similar. The core system it pretty much the same. That being said it supports more units on the battlefield and uses 32bit Graphics unlike CC2 and CC3.

The strategic map Is the same as CC4 or CC5. If you like the old style of requisition points you may not like this change.

There are other changes as well that improve the game a little. I also would recommend checking out the matrix games store page.
Looks nice, plays well enough. Less control over what units you can requisition outside of the support platoon.

The tank accuracy can be a bit iffy and their pathfinding has some irritating quirks.

Overall it is worth playing though.