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When executing CC 2, 3, or 4 through GOG Galaxy, my computer scaled back to a lower resolution, and just sits there.
Alt-tabbing back and forth gets me an error message (attached).

Tried lowering resolution to 1024x768 before launching, to no avail.

Could not execute through DOSBox too.

Does somebody have a suggestion?
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These are not DOS games, they are Windows 95 to 98 games. So no wonder you can't execute them through DOSBOX.
I got exactly the same issue with CC2 here. Contacted support and they suggested some steps to enable DirectPlay on Windows 10: (from a GOG support page)

"Error on launch: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022). 0xc0000022

This is quite often caused by disabled DirectPlay. In order to enable it, please follow these instructions:

- Please go to the Desktop. Press WinKey+R to open Run window, in it type:
Here go to Turn Windows features on or off link, find the Legacy components on the list, enable DirectPlay, and click OK to install it.

In some circumstances if you are unable to install DirectPlay, please temporary disable your security software, for the time of installation."

Mine was already enabled, so I disabled it, clicked OK,and enabled again. After Windows downloaded and installed the required files, my CC2 was launching successfully.

Hope it helps!