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So while I like this game so far, apparently running out of ammo for a weapon can break that weapon (and every other weapon upon reloading) if you are unlucky like me. Happened during the first real boss battle; ran out of special ammo for the shotgun, and it disappeared from my inventory wheel; manually bringing it back later didn't help, as I couldn't even reload it with normal shot. Come back after a day and NONE of the weapons work, even in even in previous save files!! As in, nothing would fire, activate, or swing as they should. It was like the game just forgot I even had anything at all!

Reverifying the game files right now, see if that works.
If that doesn't fix it... I don't know if I'll want to restart this silly game.
Yes, I get that its an old game and errors will occur, but something as troublesome as this should've been caught way before now...

Currently running Win10 Pro, if that helps any. And yes, it boots fine, although there was another reverification needed as I hadn't played it in a while and apparently something broke since I last played it.

ADDENDUM: Nnnnope!
Reinstalling after archiving save files, deleted everything, and redownloading it.
Still crossing my fingers that its just a bug in the game code.

ADDENDUM #2: Alright, a complete reinstall worked, and my saves are safe after unpacking them. Aces.
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