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Hi, I try making Undying run on a cranky old laptop system I use for retro gaming I like to move around with me for vacations.

One of the problems of that system is that the onboard GPU (old ATI Mobility Radeon card) won't accept dgvoodoo at all, and crashes every game I try to run with it.

Because of that I can't use the Undying widescreen patch 1.2 as it uses dgvoodoo but have to fall back to old 1.01 widescreen patch and run the game in Direct3D mode. I'm missing some Glide effects now, but basically the game works very well and I still have the 1920x1080 resolution I want and correctly scaled journal.

But what I still would like to change is the weapon fov. The widescreen patch 1.2 fixes that problem for 16:9 resolutions, but the 1.01 patch has all the weapons and player's hand noticably cut off at the bottom of the screen. Regular commands for changing the fov change player's perspective, but not the placement of the weapon and hands.

I was searching around, but it was hard to find correct information for that older patch by now. Is there any way to fix and modify weapons' placement independently from the widescreen patch 1.2?
Post edited July 22, 2023 by blam666