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Anyone been able to get surround sound working? I used a tool called Indirect Sound for Deus Ex, and it worked pretty well, albeit with some wonky front/rear separation, but at least it had some.

But nothing I've tried in Undying works. With Indirect Sound, the game (with default settings) crashes on startup, and says 3D hardware failed to initialize. That's with Direct3D mode. If I use Glide mode instead, which might be the better option for video quality for this game anyway, it runs, but the sound only comes from my front left and front right. I do have 3D Hardware selected in the Audio options screen. There's a whole bunch of sound options in system.ini that I don't understand and can't find any information on, and experimenting has failed to tell me what most of them do.
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Also, I don't know if this helps me at all, but my surround sound system can decode Dolby Pro Logic.

The only reason I mention this is because I've seen other Unreal Engine games have system.ini options that look like they have something to do with Dolby Pro Logic, but I don't know if the setting actually does anything. I know Dolby Pro Logic is pretty uncommon in PC games. In fact, I don't know if there are any PC games that support it.
ikantspelwurdz: ... get surround sound working?... I do have 3D Hardware selected in the Audio options screen. ...
3D sound hardware acceleration via DirectX isn't supported anymore since Windows Vista. Games using OpenAL instead of DirectSound3D are still able to provide 3D sound, but Undying doesn't afaik. After Microsoft dropped support for sound hardware acceleration, sound chip manufacturers developed workarounds to support the old interface under newer Windows. Depending on your sound hardware you might be lucky by installing the proper tool. Creative's project is called 'ALchemy' and Realtek's '3D SoundBack'.

Here's a brief info on these tools: