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Hi there,

I am curious to see if anyone here has experienced this issue with Undying. I have not seen it reported anywhere else so it must not be too common, or perhaps I am the only one who has this glitch. Anyhow, the thing is that when reloading a saved game, sometimes once or several times, the ambience seems to quiet down and/or go missing entirely. Sounds like footsteps/monsters/weapons are not affected, just the background noise. Has anyone experienced this as well? I did leave a post on another forum and someone suggested it was the hardware but I still have not been able to correct it. Monastery past (exterior) is a good example where sound goes missing. It happens on all my Undying games (both original disk version from 2001 and now GOG as well).

My computer is a Core 2 duo with XP OS, and I have an Audigy 4 (no special effects activated via the creative console). I have tinkered with hardware settings as well as the Undying system ini but to no avail. Since Undying is a very atmospheric game, the lack of sound (wind etc) in catacombs or other areas sort of makes gameplay a little boring. If it can't be fixed it is not the end of the world and will just keep playing this great game. Just curious if this can be addressed at all. :)

Grateful for any suggestions! :) Thanks in advance.

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Wow, thank you for posting about this. I fixed this and it will be added in the next Renewal update.