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I bought the game yesterday. After installing, the game would not run, it would only go to a black screen with the application not responding.
I have tried installing all the community fixes, Undying renewal etc. None of them worked.
After trying to run in safe mode, the game could be started, so I tried disabling settings when starting in safe mode, the game would only start when the sound was disabled, so that lead me to believe the problem is sound related.
After searching more on message forums, I found the solution by a member named Davros

Pasting it here for anyone having the same problem

"open up the System.ini file and make the following changes:
Search for GalaxyAudio
Set UseDirectSound=False
Set Use3dHardware=True
Save your changes and exit."
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My game wouldn't launch either and it was driving me crazy. Your fix worked. Thank you!