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I've recently started replaying this game, but I decided to mod it. However, whenever I walk into an area that I assume has fog (ex: the cellar and the catacombs), it looks like the attached image. I've tried doing a little research, but I'm not sure what to do here. Do I delete some high-def textures and let the old ones be used instead or is this all the fault of the DirectX 11 being used?
If it is the former, which folders/files should I delete? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Btw I also have reshade installed, but it does not seem to affect the fog in any way whether on or off.

The mods I installed are all obtained off of ModDB. I will list their titles:

-Unreal DirectX11 Renderer for UT, UG , Rune and DX
-Clive Barker's Undying hidef
-Widescreen + High Resolutions
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Never mind, this is where I would have posted a pic, but it isn't letting me. :/
I've been trying to attach pics in some form or another for a while.
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