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Hello. I don't know why but I have stuttering when playing under Dx11 (it's over 100fps), old DirectX doesn't have this problem. What could be the reason of this?
Stixsmaster: huh

im uploading a video now of the game running better in DX12...will make a new thread here with url for all to see
I’ve seen your gameplay and that’s debatable. Comparing it to my gameplay of dx11 or vulkan is a much better experience. And for some reason yours has worse anti-aliasing and worse textures. Unless you are playing at a low resolution or something which if that’s the case then it’s pretty bad your fps and frametimes are worse than someone playing in 4k with texture mods with all settings maxed out. Dx12 and reshade isn’t always the best method.
Rivian: I just tried it out and it looks amazing with the recommended normal/height maps! However, it doesn't seem to offer widescreen resolutions. Does anybody know if the DX11 renderer is compatible with the widescreen patch?
lukavukic: It is but you need to disable coronas in system.ini after installing dx11 renderer.
No you don’t, just download the dx11 fix. It fixes the Corona, journal, and fov issues.
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I honestly would not use the dx11 renderer as it does not support the games dynamic object and character shadows. To me those are worth much more to the game atmosphere and look than normal maps and 4k textures.