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Hi all,

I had been having issues with Clive Barker's Undying not starting. The only error was an empty "General Protection Fault". What you're about to read may seem like true madness. But it is an entirely reliable fix (for me).

1. Navigate to <INSTALL DIRECTORY>\System
2. Right click on Undying.exe. Select Properties, the Compatibility tab and tick Run this program as an administrator. Press OK/Apply
3. Double click Undying.exe (do NOT try to run the game through GOG Galaxy)
4. Windows will show a pop up asking for permission to run. Do NOT use your keyboard to confirm. You MUST use your mouse to click yes.

The final step is crucial, and dictates whether or not the game will start for me. If I use the keyboard it does not start, if I use the mouse it does.

This is all performed on a completely clean install, without any of the other suggested fixes by people.
doesn't fix it...
also not using gog galaxy, I don't even have it installed.
Post edited December 27, 2021 by nex01