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Does anyone know how to remap keys in this game? The menu system apparently only shows the player a single preset key layout, but does not allow the player to create one of their own.

The start-up window has an option called "input", but it's only a list of about a hundred joystick axes (10 joysticks with 10 axes each) -- not a map of keys that can be configured.
I am afraid you need to remap the keyboard.

Hello !

yea it is a pity that it is not possible to change the keys.
When you have an azerty keyboard this game is quite unplayable.
I don't understant why game creators don't think about it.

Why tranlating the game into French if the keybord is always qwerty ? It is not smart.

Personnaly, I have a free solution to this issue even it is just a workaround : tradekeys.
It is an old program which works with xp, seven and maybe other windows.
I found a nice software on the net.
Its name is autoHotkey.
The web site is
This tool needs some programmation but it is very simple to use when you have written your script.
And it is free.

Its language is almost simple.
For intance, the beginning of a conversion azerty/qwerty keyboard script is :


That's all!
You compile your script. (Don't be afraid it's easy to do)
You launch it. It works.
You launch your game.
When you quit your game, you kill your script and you're back.