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I don't have a game pad but it shows me the controls for one. How do I switch it to keyboard?
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Did you simply try to use WASD or the arrows?
Didn't realize someone had replied. I pressed all the buttons on the keyboard. None of them cause the character to move. Esc works, Up/Down works in menus, Enter works in menus, Mouse buttons DO NOT work in menus.

Even if I did own a gamepad I would still want to option to choose the input device.

Edit: After contacting support it was suggested that I disable my Belkin N52TE in Device Manager. That and 2 entries for Virtual Hid Device allowed me to use the keyboard. As a work around this saves me from having to move a rather large and heavy tower to unplug it from the back. However I would have liked to use the N52TE's programmable keyboard in place of the layout this game uses.
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