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Okay, this is embarrassing. I am a Mac user, my laptop doesn't have a resolution adjustment.

In a moment of laps of judgement, I set the resolution on the game as high as possible, and now I can only see the top part of the screen since there's nowhere to grab the window on the edges to move it about. And since I can't move it about, I can get the mouse to the resolution screen to make it full screen or decrease the size of the window.

Anyone know how I can fix this problem at all without erasing all my save data?
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Well, I dug through the Library folder, found where the setting and saves files are, removed them, deleted the game, and reinstalled it, and it was still set with the resolution too high.
I found out. The keys, use the keys! Click on, and then without releasing drag away from the button, and the button on the menu will then be highlighted, then count down how many times you hit down, and then hit enter, and you can centrally blindly find the right option!