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Game can use good language but not good keyboard
Arf, c'est vraiment innaceptable ce comportement des développeurs. :(

Hey devs! Allowing rebinds is KEY to a decent videogame, so either implement this basic feature or just change job!
Thanks for suggestion!
So? Last patch is still wrong: the french game says we can use zqsd, but true keys are always unfitting wasd.
luminousgames: Thanks for suggestion!
So? This is for 1.2.5 ?? Waiting to play again at last.
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every gamer should know about autohotkey and how to rebind keys- thats a 1 liner ;)
timesink: how to rebind keys is a 1 liner
But that's dev work. Sure, if devs do not their job, we're compelled to do it for them. I prefer not playing and not buying their games, there are other games which do are respectful.
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Uninstalled. Sad, I could buy the dlc if I could bind keys.
French game? No, this is a scam.
i could make you a little ahk script for the rebinds, if you tell me what keys you like to have rebound.
timesink: what keys you like to have rebound
The text has been translated, but it is wrong. the french text says the game uses ZQSD (french keyboard), but it actually plays with WASD.
So keys have to be swaped: Z<->W and Q<->A

i don't know if I'll use your script, but at least thanks for others.
Dev says there are already the arrow keys (bottom right of keyboard), yes,
but it's not good because arrows are far from the numeral keys (up left of kb), the keypad does not work.

So, as arrows are not a solution, key binding is still to be done.

I thought arrows will do the job, but no. Dev doesn't play its game, or he was mocking.
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Dev: "keys re-bindable I can't give any promise on that being added to the game as we're currently working on making the multiplayer great"

So, a multiplayer only for QWERTY keyboards. But then why the dev agrees the money of other players?
What dishonnest. I regret buying.