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high rated
Hi Everyone,

My name is Mihkel, founder of Luminous. We are an independent game studio from Tartu, Estonia. I have studied economics and arts. I have worked as freelance painter, user interface designer and product manager in a tech startup company and I started making games in 2002. Together with Iceberg Interactive we are proud to bring you our next game Circle Empires. The free demo of it had some 160 000 downloads. Thank you to everyone who contributed with their ideas!

In Circle Empires you are the godly leader of your tiny kingdom. The world is made of circles, each with different loot and enemies. Hunt down monsters and defeat hostile kingdoms. The game-world changes every time you play.

You have biomes like in Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and you fight in real time, like in Age of Empires. Add the famous designer's quote: "Always start any new design with a circle" and you get Circle Empires. Working as user interface designer taught me that you need to save people’s brain bandwidth. Thinking in circles achieves exactly that. The map is easy on your brain so you can focus on more important decisions, like where to expand next and “can I get those goblins to fight those barbarians before they both gang on my gold mine”.

We work together with about 6 fantastic game designers, artists and producers from Estonia, namely from Interactive Fate and Playtest Games. Music and sounds are produced by several freelance artists from around the world. Fun anecdote: we sent our sound artist a sample that we took from Warcraft 3, as an example. Turns out, he made that sound effect himself! Who would’ve thought?!

We hope to give you a unique light-hearted strategy experience which is easy to jump into, with six difficulty settings ranging from easy to impossible. Play an easy match to get your feet wet, or l take on the challenge to beat the most nightmarish and impossible difficulty levels.

Please share all your ideas and feedback! This will be immensely useful for improving the game.
Hi Mihkel! Enjoying the game, quite addictive. Would it be possible to add cloud saves?
Are achievements coming to Galaxy (I don't see them listed on game page)?
Hi F1e, cloud saves are not in the current product development road map but thanks for suggestion!

Hi Branjo! Galaxy achievements are not planned for now, focusing on in-game content for now.
when can we expect the 1.2.7 patch here on GoG?
The updates up to 1.2.9 will be added to Gog most likely in 1 week time.