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Changelog for Update 1.2.9 (added 24 January 2019):

Balance changes:
- Adjusted the way circles grow in difficulty. The circles right next to your starting circle area are easier to capture, especially on high difficulties. Circles that are further away have guardians that are a bit stronger.
- Unlocked +1 difficulty level from the start for all game modes as some players were suggesting that they played on the hardest available difficulty and it was a walk in the park.
- Knight price changed from 100 food & 150 gold to 180 food & 40 gold. Hp increased from 480 to 500.
- Level 3 farm: available food amount increased from 600 to 800.
- Sunken Ruins (frog spawner) strength rating increased from 200 to 350.
- Level 1 farms available food amount increased from 180 to 220. Previously, some players felt like they were "losing resources" because the cost is 200 wood and you got 180 food out of it. This caused a puzzling situation where people were struggling with a lack of food but were reluctant to make farms. This puzzle is now more simple, you get more out of it in addition to converting wood to food.
- Made the starting circle available food amount less random. You now always have 2 blueberry bushes for a total of 600 food, previously it was possible to have 0-2.
- Buildings that have an attack and spawn creatures (e.g. barracks) no longer gain experience from combat. They get experience from spawning waves of creatures which is a more predictable behaviour. Before that, it was possible that e.g barracks accidentally finished off your dragon and gained a level, which could turn the battle around very unexpectedly.
- Hammerman and Giant Maul Warrior (Apex Monsters DLC only) have more clear bonus damage vs armor. E.g. +50% damage vs armored targets. This also means that heavily armored units take less extra damage than before.

- Updated the Unity engine to latest version which fixes various issues (including Linux input glitch).
- Fixed an issue that caused enemies to attack you immediately after loading a save game. Due to that, old save games are no longer functional unfortunately.
- Fixed an issue with a legacy update system popping up.
- Fixed an issue where the attack cursor was the default cursor. Now it's a sword again.
- Added an option to delete save games.
- Fixed one of the issues that caused workers to go into unintended circles to work there (issue introduced in last patch)
And the key binding? so the game doesn't lie.
Finally got updated to 1.3.3, but no changelog so far.