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It appears that Nahmi stabs Brice? And this is very jarring. My question is is she dead? Is that what happened? What is the 'promise' she has to keep? I accidentally skipped the credits trying to save, so maybe there is a post credits that I missed.

I really disliked that Brice was not available for the last mission. I love missions where you have to improvise in games, but this is the final battle and it felt very wrong to not play the team I had fell in love with the entire game. Esp since my strategy revolved around using Nahmi and Xero as walls while Brice dealt massive damage. Devour is bonkers.

Anyways... if it is the case that she killed Brice... why didn't Xero reject her for defying her mission/code? Why would she think killing her friend Brice to save Xero was a good trade? I just am really bothered by it. I didn't feel that the story was the strongest part of the game (I actually rarely care about stories in games) and liked the trivial/simple story. I did not like losing a game element in the way it was lost especially since it didn't seem logical to me.

If anyone has thoughts on this please let me know maybe I'm way off here.