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Changelog for Patch 1.0.1 (added 24 July 2017) :

Tweaks and adjustments
- Fast forward enemy turn feature has been added. Hold the buttons down shown in the top-right corner to speed up the game during Enemy Phase.
- Difficulty adjustments in Story Missions 4 and 5. Be aware that if you have Suspend saves in missions 4 or 5, these difficulty changes will not show up. Your manual and Auto save slots are fine so if you want these changes, start missions 4 or 5 from the beginning.
- Tweaked XP system so it's now easier to level-up your under-leveled heroes. Now when you do 0 HP damage, you will get proper amount of XP.
- Reduced the strength of the beige background during dialogue

Bug fixes
- Fixed the bug where enemies in Story Mission 8 do not level scale in Hard difficulty
- Fixed the bug where if Xero is heavily under-leveled and he gains XP from attacking/counter-attacking an enemy, he gains thousands of XP and it takes several minutes for all of it to count up. However, if he has massive amounts of XP overflow, it will still count it each time but it will slowly deplete each time he gains XP and levels up. It's not a perfect solution, but with this bug fix it'll eventually end and he'll return to normal.
- Fixed duplicate text in the art book (Collector's Edition / Upgrade only)

If you encounter any problems or bugs with CoZ ver1.0.1, please post the issues in the game's forum!
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Changelog for Patch (added 12 September 2017):

- Feature: Added the ability to fast-forward hero attack animations by holding LMB or A (X360 controller)
- Feature: Added the ability to change the pitch of the camera by holding RMB and moving mouse up/down, or R-Stick up/down (X360 controller). Zoom on controller is moved to LT and RT
- Feature: Separate options to invert camera Y-axis or X-axis can be found in the Options Menu
- Feature: Added the ability to browse a unit's cards while viewing their stats when playing with a controller
- Feature: You can scroll the World Map with the arrow keys when playing with mouse+keyboard
- Feature: You can now cycle through your heroes with TAB when playing with mouse+keyboard
- Feature: Wrap around list of cards in deck builder when playing with controller

- Feature: Added an option that adjusts the levels of enemies in Story Mission to your party level to alleviate grinding. Available only in Normal Mode.
- Feature: Scaling of enemy levels is now set to average between your highest and lowest hero levels
- Tweak: Adjusted the way XP is given when using multiple cards in a row. Nahmi will no longer sky rocket in levels ahead of the other team members!
- Tweak: Adjusted the difficulty of Side Missions 2, 3, and 4
- Tweak: Adjusted the difficulty of some Skirmishes that were near-impossible to beat without 1 or 2 heroes dying

- Feature: Suspend is now called Mid-Battle Save and returns you to the ongoing battle instead of the Title Screen

- Fixed Game Ending being sometime triggered at the end of a Skirmish of map 11
- Enemies in Skirmishes are 1 level higher so now they give proper XP. Before they were giving 50% of the XP they should have been giving.
Thank you for this!!!!
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.3 (added 05 June 2018):

* Late game Story Missions are now guaranteed to drop specific dice
* Reduced the difficulty of several Skirmishes and Elite Skirmishes
* Increased the number of guaranteed dice given after completing missions

* Properly localised text (Italian, German, Spanish) in the options menu and new game menu

* Completing Story Mission 5 by defeating all enemies now unlocks both This is OUR turf and Children's Stories achievements
* One of Xero's cards now has the correct key word text