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Hello everyone, I just started playing CotN a few days ago. I love it so far. I was a BIG fan of the old Impressions' City Builder series, and this one is a nice addition to the collection, abeit quite different.

I'm having some trouble though. I'm trying to build some "steles" to up my prestige a little bit, but all my labourers are just standing at the granite quarry. They've already carved out a big rock and it says they are "hauling," but they've just been standing there for ages. I tried switching the Overseer direction between "Mining granite steles" and "Constructing steles" to see if they were being told to do the wrong thing, but it didn't help. What am I doing wrong, or what am I missing? Do I need to just bulldoze all their houses and rebuild them to get in a fresh batch of labourers? Is this a glitch or am I mishandling my citizens?

Thanks for any help you can think of!
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While only one laborer is needed to carve out a block of granite, you need four laborers in total for them to haul something, otherwise they just stand there.
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