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So I just purchased this game today, and playing it (in 1920x1080) the first thing I noticed is that the interface is incorrectly aligned and the bottom of it is "cut off". Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone know a solution?
Yes. I use this program: Gamers Window Relocator and then I check auto-hide taskbar.
Nirth: Yes. I use this program: Gamers Window Relocator and then I check auto-hide taskbar.
Is there something I'm supposed to be doing with this program? I've got it running and "Children of the Nile" (I've got the game running and it's minimized) is there under the "game to relocate", and I click relocate, when when I go back to the game the interface is still wrong. I l auto-hid the taskbar too as you mentioned (from right-clicking on the taskbar and going properties).
In options I take it you have added your specified resolution, if not do that. Also, start the program before starting the game. And prior to starting the game, go here: c:\Users\(UserName)\Documents\Tilted Mill\Children of the Nile\

Open CotN.ini and find Full Screen Mode 1 and change that to 0. Basically you will be running in forced enlarged window mode but you will unfortunately see the border.

Change these as well to the resolution you want:

Game Window Height X
Game Window Width Y

You could experiment with this application as well but I recall I got worse results than GWR.

There's a texture mod you could check out too.

It seems I was wrong about the clipping issue at the bottom, you don't see the entire screen. This is how it looks like for me.
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