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Hello all,

I am running the game on Windows 8 (64 bit).

I have installed the game and it runs, but the resolution it chooses is really low. Normally, my PC should be able the handle higher resolutions than low resolution it runs in (I don't know by hard, I think that it's a 800x.... resolution).

When I want to set to a higher resolution, the game crashes. Does any-one have the same issue and any workarounds. The game is playable, but imho it sucks to play on such a low resolution when you know that higher resolutions are available.
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Try suggestions posted here -

thanks for the suggestions, but those don't change the situation. The game boots and I can see the logo screen of the developer, but after that it crashes on higher resolutions (returns to the desktop with the game still running and I'm not able to return to the game)
My game didn't crash, but it kept flickering.
This helped me a lot, Gog should look into it:
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