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Game keeps crashimg for me. I did finish first tutorial but when i try second or third one i just get crash to desktop after few minutes.

I have Windows 7 64bit, runing game in 1920x1200 with best grafic settings.
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Start by lowering the settings from best.
I get frequent crashes in the third and final tutorial, right after I build a new temple, dedicated to Hapi, while an obelisk and the pyramid is also under construction. I use WinXP 32Bit, 1024x768 resolution and graphical settings unaltered, as chosen by the program itself.
I've been getting "stopped working" messages on start-up, like immediately no splash screen the moment iDouble click it goes.

Win8 1366x768rez HP ProBook4440s; tried compatibility, using target line commands to force 1366x768 rez, run as administrator, force to run in that one reso it lets you force things into in the compat. tab, nothing made any difference.
I have the same issue. Tried compability mode and lowering the resolution and/or graphical settings (though my computer should be able to handle max settings). It doesn't help. My game keeps crashing in the second tutorial.
I had crashes all the time till I made sure to run as admin and put the comp in xp compatability for the game. I have win 8.1 64 bit.

Hope this information helps