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Changelog for Patch 1.0.6 (added 11 September 2019):

Full list of fixes:
- Fixed crash after killing ziggurat boss
- Fixed Ancient Mastery achievement not being achievable
- Handling very old save files as corrupted
- Pathfinding fix for the Child escort quest in the Cave dungeon. NPC should not get stuck anymore.
- Fix for Mark falling out of the level boundaries while attacking enemies. This is a complex issue that may be caused by a series of different events. We believe we fixed them all but please keep us posted.
- Analog gamepad deadzone has been tripled to quickfix the issues you've reported. Full control of this through Options Menu will be delivered with one of the upcoming patches.
- Fixed game stuck at save warning screen with Alt+Tab
- Fixed bug of game getting stuck after load if the last watched cutscene was a nightmare
- Fixed bug of game getting stuck in character tutorial in home if player returns home during start room narration
- Fixing Narration of dungeon resolutions (Freeing Aspects Home Cutscenes)
- Took some measures to prevent escort kid being stuck in walls
- Fixed I Won't Let You Die achievement being obtainable through means that weren’t intended
- Fixed the issue with some Divine Relics being stopped without fade.
- Fixed Anai-Sarava Projection cut-scene music.
- Joey’s footsteps added.
- Fixed escort kid enemy patterns being too hard sometimes
- Fixed stucking in Teralava puzzle room in co-op mode
- Fixed King of Thieves miniboss vanished in Teralava challenge room
- Fixed locking out second player in co-op in Fatigue intro event room
- Fixed Chinese Language missing some characters
- Fixed Spider king Boss when using any item or skill to become invisible
- Fixed Spider king Boss issue when reviving with divine relic
- Updated some Turkish translations for items
- Fixed Effect of totems remains on player when going to the next floor
- The range that players can be revived in coop increased to avoid problems when reviving near hazards.
- Fixed forest dynamic music after first arena fight and 2nd arena
- Fixed end credits music cuts out after finishing the game
- Fixed mini boss fight music not playing when fighting 2nd time after defeating them
- Fixed mini boss fights music not playing if skipping the intro cutscene
- Fixed Kevin vanish sfx remaining after exiting vanish
- Fixed unsync sfx of cutscenes after defeating mini boss
- Co-Op: Fixed fatigue intro locking 2nd player out of the fight room
- Fixed King of the Thieves boss attacks count as melee attacks
- Spider Queen's spawning enemies interval time polished

If you still encounter any issues - please do let us know on Steam Discussions or by sending us an email to: We want you to have an awesome, flawless experience playing Children of Morta!

Standalone installers:
- Windows updated (1.0.2 ⇒ 1.0.6): 16 September 2019.
- Mac OS not updated yet.
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.18 (16 October 2019):

Dear Family,

We've kept a close eye on your adventures. Thanks to this and to your amazing, ongoing support and feedback, we've managed to fix a large number of issues that some of you might have encountered while playing Children of Morta. We hope that this patch will make your playthroughs smoother and even more enjoyable than before. Find the detailed list of changes below.

Important NOTICE: This update will reset players' current key rebindings.

- Fixed unachieved Souvenirs of completed quest not spawning in dungeons to collect.
- Fixed Ben’s false exclamation mark in broken cart event.
- Fixed broken control by dying at completion of Water Purifier pump quest.
- Fixed fail narration of Water Purifier pump quest plays when activating 2nd switch.
- Fixed game getting frozen by skipping custom narrative fireplace cutscenes and returning to title screen afterward.
- Fixed getting stuck in the Unchaining Slaves event if the Assassin enemy teleports out of the event room.
- Fixed Area 30 Boss becomes invulnerable sometimes.
- Fixed champion powers spawn in landscapes and middle of magical doors.
- Fixed skeleton riser’s skeletons spawn in landscapes and special rooms.
- Fixed Area 30 Boss’s hands dropping loots.
- Fixed all boss unnatural behavior against movement modifiers(i.e. Vortex divine relic against Ruins boss when he’s underground).
- Fixed missing of map legend for cutscene/narrative finish rooms.
- Fixed staying in rage when dying in forest while using rage.
- Fixed 2nd player control getting broken when player is dead between 2nd and 3rd phase of OU fight.
- Fixed Joey could become invulnerable using Bloody Whirlwind rune.
- Fixed Obelisk of Vitality healed limbo players.
- Fixed John’s Stampede rune icon.
- Fixed Linda could not walk and shoot after dying and respawning in forest.
- Fixed Mark’s atmans barrier did not fill in guardian rage mode by his attacks.
- Fixed Mark’s atmans barrier did not fill completely upon entering guardian rage.
- Fixed a bug where explosive mushrooms could not reactivate after getting hit by an enemy projectile.
- Fixed dungeon doors sfx getting infinite loop.
- Fixed Linda's Rain of Arrows Skill continues to work even when the game is paused.
- Fixed Rune Knowledge getting unlock in Desert sometimes without finding Rea room.
- Fixed Electric Shock Divine Relic’s damaging area remained in next floor.
- Fixed Forest end cutscene visuals cut out.
- Fixed an issue that allowed players to purchase charms from a special angle from shop for free
- Fixed issue with Mark stuck behind the steampowered vehicle
- Fixing Wind Journal rooms physics (stucking between objects).

- Fixed videos not playing on some mac machines
- Fixed controller issues on Mac. Detailed list of supported equipment can be found HERE.

- Added support for variety of controllers. Detailed list of supported equipment can be found HERE.
- Updating UI legends on PC based on controller type (xbox, ps4).
- More precise dead zone based on Joystick model.
- Added controller vibration to game
- New Options
- Aim Assist
- Screen Shake
- Vibration

- Fixed challenge room chests rendering order issue
- Pets Divine Relic new icons added
- Orbiting Flames new visuals added
- Added different attack animation trails for joey’s primary and secondary runes attacks
- Added Rune effects for joey’s whirlwind

- Major rework of pathfinding system.
- Improved fog of exploration.

- OU - the final boss - is more challenging now
- Joey - balance changes:
- Primary attack speed increased
- Rage mode now decrease abilities cooldowns
- Rage mode now increase primary attack speed

Standalone installers updated 11 October 2019:
- Windows: 1.0.6 ⇒ 1.0.18;
- Mac: 1.0.2 ⇒ 1.0.18.
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.38 (06 February 2020):

Greetings, Family!

It is time to give you the first piece from a series of upcoming free content updates!

The Bergson family fought the Corruption without a glimpse of respite but their journey is far from over. Shrine of Challenge marks the first stop at a new, exciting branch in the story. The addition of Hard Mode will provide a greater challenge, and experience rewards, even to players already toughened by hundreds of battles. Along with new fight rules and enemies, all-new items come to help the fearless heroes purge their homeland of evil.

Are you up for the challenge?

Find full list of fixes, tweaks and changes below:

Shrine of Challenge - FEATURES:
New Enemies:
- Dark Blade (Upgraded version of Dark Claw which will appear from Ziggurat and will replace all Dark Claws in Terralava).
- Mech Constructor (Terralava enemy which will spawn Anarchy Spiders and buff mechanical enemies around himself).

18 new items added to the game:
- Riders on the Storm - Inflict lightning damage when combo kill counter reaches high levels.
- Bargain - Lower prices.
- Adrenaline Rush - Reduce the cooldown of all abilities and items.
- Sacrificial Pact - Turn a portion of your health into a Health Potion charm.
- Divine Performer - High combo kill counters rewards more money.
- Gemstone Hungry - The damage of your primary attack increases with the number of gemstones you possess.
- Gemstone Pact - Every 25 combo kills grants you a gemstone.
- Survival Instinct - Increased movement speed when below 25% health.
- Field Expert - Environmental hazards deal less damage.
- Enchanted Globes - Health globes heal more.
- Mortal Morta Mortars - Three boulders fall from the sky, damaging enemies on impact.
- Lightning Enchantment - Primary attacks have a chance to inflict lightning damage.
- Soothing Obelisks - Activating obelisks will also heal you.
- Fatal Blow - Primary attacks have a small chance to instantly kill the target.
- Ferocious Bolts - Electric bolts randomly emanate from you.
- Rune Slot Machine - Rerolls Runes.
- Dual Rune Summon - Summon two random Runes.
- Paralysis Bomb - Stun all nearby enemies.

- Fixed - Area 30 Boss may become invulnerable preventing the Player from completing the dungeon.
- Fixed - Claw can go through the corrupted wall and block further progression during the tutorial.
- Fixed - Terralava: Player can get blocked in Waves room because of Shaman and/or Gelly enemy.
- Fixed - Souvenirs from other save are immediately unlocked in the new save.
- Fixed - Infinite loading occurs if killing the Boss at the same moment as it kills the Player.
- Fixed - Slime enemies may divide beyond the wall.
- Fixed - Picked up consumable may disappear when the Player picks up a new one.
- Fixed - Gold chest may not drop loot.
- Fixed -Killstreak kills often do not reward players with potions on the potion-dropping thresholds.
- Fixed - Skill points and experience meter may stop working after a certain level cap is reached.
- Fixed - Skeletons summoned by the Ferocious enemy may persist after his death.
- Fixed - A soft lock occurs if one Player dies at the same time as the last enemy in a quest with a cutscene during Local Coop.
- Fixed - Evade and Gemstone tutorial prompts can be triggered again by going backward in the tutorial level.
- Fixed - Control scheme is displayed in English in all languages.
- Fixed - It is possible to exploit teleport to the last room in Local Coop.
- Fixed - Items from Gambler land in one spot making it difficult to pick up/choose from.
- Fixed - The Player can still use the Shadow Cloak skill while the cooldown timer is active after entering the next floor.
- Fixed - Joey's Swing animation frames may persist on screen if interrupted by a cutscene.
- Fixed - The camera can cause problems to exit an Event room with a door on the south in Local Coop.
- Fixed - Lack of translation in one line in the narration for the Hoarder ability in several languages.
- Fixed - A typo in the codex for Mary's entry.
- Fixed - English text while playing in Spanish in the Document section in the Codex.

Hard Mode:
- Enemies Damage increased by 15%
- Enemies Health increased by 30%
- Enemies XP reward increased by 25%

UI changes:
- You can now select larger UI on different platforms
- Larger HUD.
- Larger UI (menus for the most part).
- Moved objectives from tooltips to Pause Menu.
- Added the ability to delete notifications:
- Fatigue notifications will not be saved. So the next time the game’s launched they won’t be in the menu.
- New fade/scale animation added for some UI.
- Slight tweaks to notification for Rage being ready to use.

Other changes:
- Added the ability to cure Fatigue with Mysterious Egg (drop from Belagoo Bird event).

- Fixed PC builds stutters.
- Fixed tutorial and forest graphical artifacts.

Tweaks for the Normal Mode:
- Wind: Enemy health nerfed by 10%
- Magma: Enemy health nerfed by 10%
- More Enemies in Wind now get canceled when you are using melee characters.

Standalone installers updated: 1.0.18 ⇒ 1.1.38.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

- Windows standalone installer changed (1.1.38 ⇒ 21 February 2020.
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I have an issue where the GOG Galaxy client installs, and the standalone installers I can find are also all for There is a patch to 1.1.38 visible but it's from 1.0.18 only.

Can you upload the patch to gog again? :)
Carighan: I have an issue where the GOG Galaxy client installs, and the standalone installers I can find are also all for There is a patch to 1.1.38 visible but it's from 1.0.18 only.

Can you upload the patch to gog again? :)
I'd love to, but I'm not affiliated to the devs/pub or GOG, just a regular user posting updates/changelogs as they become available here on GOG.

As it's been a few days since your post, if you still have this issue (i.e. game hasn't updated to 1.1.38 via Galaxy), you should contact GOG Support with your request.

Stay safe.
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.53 (07 May 2020):

- New Game Plus mode:
- After completing the game, players can convert their completed save slot to NG+ slot in save slot menu
- New Game Plus slots will have “+” icon and slightly different highlight effect
- In the NG+ mode, players can play Children of Morta's story from scratch. By doing so, they will lose:
- Unlocked areas and dungeons.
- All quests progress.
- They will keep:
- Unlocked characters.
- Character skill tree progress.
- All resources
- Ben's workshop upgrades.
- Book of Rea upgrades.

The following changes also apply:
- Noticeable increase in the game’s difficulty.
- Character skill points cap increased.
- Level cap of upgrades of Ben's workshop increased.
- Level cap of upgrades of Book of Rea increased.
- New Save Slot Menu - Save Slot menu now have slot setting button and a sub-menu for each slot with new features:
- Convert to New Game Plus for completed saves
- Copy/Paste save slot
- Delete save slot
- Added 20 new Cutscenes :
- Mission update C1 (Dungeon: Cave 1)
- Mission update C2 (Dungeon: Cave 2)
- Mission update C3 (Dungeon: Cave 3)
- Mission Update W1 (Dungeon: Wind 1)
- Mission Update W2 (Dungeon: Wind 2)
- Mission Update W3 (Dungeon: Wind 3)
- Mission Update M1 (Dungeon: Magma 1)
- Mission Update M2 (Dungeon: Magma 2)
- Margaret staff (Home: Wind 2)
- Night guards (Home: Magma 2)
- Forest- All For One (Start of Forest level)
- Ben Curses (Home: Wind 2)
- Mary asks (Home: Wind 3)
- The dried well 03 (Home: Magma 2)
- People Wrap in Web (Dungeon: Cave 1)
- At the first threshold (Dungeon: Cave 1)
- Corpse Spawn event (Dungeon: Cave 1)
- Margaret Investigation 1 (Dungeon: Cave 1)
- Margaret Investigation 2 (Dungeon: Cave 2)
- Margaret Investigation 3 (Dungeon: Cave 3)
- Added 8 new HIEs (Home Interactive Events)
- Dried Pond (Magma 1)
- Lucy sees Margaret by the tree (Magma 2)
- John and Mary talk (Magma 1)
- Entertaining the new born child (Magma 1)
- Kevin cares for his mother in sick bed (Wind 3)
- Family Dinner, Eat and Pray (Cave 3)
- Mark Studies (Cave 3)
- Mark Comes to Know the Truth (Wind 2)
- Added 26 new Home Idles:
- Kevin swimming in pond
- StarGazer stand on veranda
- StarGazer stand near the pond
- Cat in training ground
- Cat playing in house
- Cat on swinging tree
- Cat on veranda
- Margaret book reading
- Margaret napping
- Joey cutting wood
- Joey barfix training
- John piping and looking at the aquarium
- John piping and looking at the hall painting
- John piping on veranda
- Mary book reading
- Hope sleeping in front of fireplace
- Ben fixing music box
- Ben looking at horizon on veranda
- Ben Napping
- Wolf stand in training room
- Wolf sit on the cliff
- StarGazer with Cat
- John and Ben talk on veranda
- Wolf and Cat on veranda
- Wolf and Cat on well
- Wolf and Cat on tree of life
- Added new in dungeon Family Events:
- Family Companion Quests:
- Wind: Rescue a family of Barahut’s people
- Magma: Rescue the workers
- Magma: Help the stranger
- Family Quests:
- Cave: Mary(after birth) helping refugees x3
- Wind: Mary(after birth) helping refugees x3
- Magma: Ben fixing robots x2
- Magma: Ben fixing device x3
- Added Side Quests Traits:
- Wolf Cub: After completing the quest, Ryker (wolf cub) will appear before boss rooms and aid Bergson with the healing potion
- Star Gazer: After completing star gazer quest, the Siege will appear in shop rooms and aid Bergsons with a Gemstone
- Doll Maker: After rescuing all the automatons, They will appear at the start room of each area and aid Bergsons with a Charm

Balance Changes:
- Lucy Rage ability range and damage buffed
- Joey Secondary attack damage buffed
- Players interaction with shrines and golden chests now can transition to evading to make it more responsive
- Tree of Rea Luck upgrade nerfed
- Tree of Rea Divine Mastery upgrade nerfed
- Divine Performer gold bonus 2x -> 2.5x
- Swift Shanks MoveSpeed also apply to Sheathed
- GemStone Hungry max stack reduced from 20 to 15
- Pulsating Orb cooldown decreased from 30 to 20
- Totem of Defiance Pushback speed increased
- Spiral of Doom Damage Reduce 1.5 -> 1 cooldown increased
- Divine Shield damage reduced 1 -> 0.6 cooldown increased
- Stone Hide duration 10 -> 8

Other changes:
- Added the ability to reset the Corruption effect of a character with Mysterious Egg.
- Lots of smaller bug fixes and other balance tweaks to make the game smoother.

Stay safe, Fam!

- Windows standalone installer updated ( ⇒ 1.1.53): 08 May 2020.
- Mac not updated yet.

EDIT: Mac standalone installer updated (1.1.38 ⇒ 11 May 2020.
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Changelog for Setting Sun Inn | Hotfix Update (13 May 2020):

- Fixed the issue in NG+ where dungeon selector disappears after certain steps;
- Fixed the issue where NG+ could not be started if the base game was completed before Hard Mode update introduction.

Standalone installer updated 14 May 2020:
- Windows: 1.1.53 ⇒;
- Mac: ⇒
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Bergsons’ House Update (24 June 2020)
The free update contains:

A brand-new character with a unique skillset designed to play in single-player, but shine in co-op playthroughs
Special shielding skills and passive healing mechanics
32 new Apan-specific Runes
9 new story Cutscenes
a few HUD and UI tweaks
additional bug fixes

We hope you like this new addition to the Bergsons' family! Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!
Main Apan skills:

Asva ThunderclapApan focuses the energy around her and releases it at enemies to push back, slow, and damage them.Magic GlyphUsing her staff, Apan channels energy around her, creating an area that damages and slows enemies in it.
Guardian’s RageApan unleashes her rage at a protective manner, granting shield to herself and the Bergsons around her.

Added 32 Apan-specific Runes and 6 new Runes for other Bergsons to aid them in combat:

Apan Trait for Linda: the primary critical attack has a chance to gain a shield
Apan Trait for Kevin: Kevin gains shield when he exits shadow dance
Apan Trait for John: the primary attack has a chance to gain a shield
Apan Trait for Lucy: when lucy uses her decoy, she gains a shield
Apan Trait for Mark: marks gains shield when he uses his stick
Apan Trait for Joey: joey's smite gives him a shield

Added new Shield System:

Bergsons can gain shield now, from items, abilities and Apan’s Guardian Rage skill
The shield will add on top of HP bar in HUD with an indicator of the amount of shield
Shields are temporary and can stack up
When characters have shield all of the receiving damages will be blocked by it till the shield amount ends or shield duration finished.
Lucy Guardian Rage skill will now add her Shield instead of increasing her maximum health

Added new Rage Globes drop:

Added new Rage Globes drop - refill your rage meter faster! Rage Globes drop with the similar rules as Health Globes. Note: Rage Globes will be added to Nintendo Switch version of the game in a few days, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see it there, yet!
HUD Tooltip Rework:

Buff panel now supports and shows more character buffs, including the passive skill of characters skill tree
Buffs now auto-scroll when players have more than 9 buffs in normal HUD size and 7 buffs in Larger HUD
Divine Grace tooltip also will auto-scroll when players have more than 8 relics
Runes are now visible on the minimap

UI changes:

Added HP indicator for Decoys and Totem Divine Relics
Added Time indicator for Decoys and Totem Divine Relics
Bug fixes:
Fixed several issues with Gambler prompts
Fixed missing narration for Goblin King event in Magma dungeon
Fixed several issues with texts overlap on the UI
Fixed rocket targeting in Magma Dungeon
Fixed the issue where the first dungeon of a Chapter was always highlighted upon opening the Dungeon selection screen
Increased spawn rate for Stones required for Wine Machine event
Several additional small bugfixes

How to unlock the new character (MINOR SPOILERS):

Apan will be unlocked after watching her intro cutscene.
Apan intro cutscene conditions are met when players reach the second floor of Ziggurat dungeon in Barahut chapter.
If in the loaded save slot players have cleared the Ziggurat dungeon already, Apan intro cutscene will be played by going to any dungeon and returning home.
Apan intro cutscene has less "weight" against main story cutscenes. If there are other cutscenes in the queue, Apan intro cutscene will not play till all of the important cutscenes are watched in the house.