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Zu dem Game kann man grundsätzlich nicht viel schlechtes sagen. Tolle Grafik, Gamedesign auch klasse und das zocken macht Spass.
Wenn euch das Game interessiert, holt es nicht auf GOG. Hier bekommt ihr keine Dev News, Update Logs und auch keine regelmäßigen Patches. Wie bei fast allen "Games in Development" Games auf GOG wird man hier allein gelassen. Entwickelt wird letztendlich auf Steam und nirgendwo anders und nur da bekommt man auch alle nötigen Infos über die zukünftige Entwicklung. Patches für Chernobylite kommen sporadisch mit einem Monat Abstand oder meist noch länger, wobei Steam User mit Infos u.s.w. überschüttet werden.
Nie wieder InDev Games auf GOG.

Basically you can't say much bad about the game. Great graphics, game design also great and the gambling is fun.
If you are interested in the game, don't get it on GOG. You won't get any dev news, update logs or regular patches here. As with almost all "Games in Development" games on GOG you will be left alone here. Development is done on Steam and nowhere else and only there you get all the necessary information about the future development. Patches for Chernobylite come sporadically with a month or even longer, and Steam users are flooded with information and so on.
Never again InDev Games on GOG.
(I'll write in English, in case some dev descends to us)

Exactly my thoughts!
Well, within the last few months I saw that Steam received a lot of patches and updates, while the GOG version didn't! After I realized that asking questions here on GOG - besides there's no real support forums from the devs here - doesn't help at all, I started posting on Steam forums. After the second time complaining about the uodate situation (on Steam + via E-Mail and Twitter :-P), the game suddenly received the patches also on GOG (but I don't think that has anything to do with my messages to them). However, since then I'm not able to post anything on the Steam forums anymore, because they limited access to only Steam users.

And WHY DO YOU RELEASE YOUR GAME HERE ANYWAYS, if you don't support it!? Or at least let us report bugs and ask questions on Steam instead. But the way you do it right now, is ridicolous! Though I don't think that any dev will read this...

My guess is that there are only very little people buying the game on GOG. If you have a look at the average playtime from all GOG players, it shows something about 2,5 hours. So yes, I get it. Why making any efforts for these 10 people who play it on GOG ..? Seriously, you guys shouldn't have released it here. But you did it, and now please give us a way to participate in the EA support activities. Simple as that!
Maybe again send them mails directly? I'd like to report bugs, but don't know where to do that effectively. I've just opened a new thread on GOG forums with all bugs I found so far.
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