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My jump is so awful I cannot jump over the wall needed to progress in ravi vallis. The cheats listed on websites do not seem to work at all which is frustrating as I was going to see if I could just fly over it or no clip through just that. There is a level skip code but all the maps are unlabeled so I have no idea how far I would skip or even where I would skip to. I am really not trying to cheat if I don't have to.

I don't know if its the modern system I am playing it on but the jumping for me in this has been a real struggle. I am surprised I made it this far in the game. Is there a way to fix the jump or get around this part? I really just want to finish this game. I got past that damn truck part and am now stuck because I can't jump over a waist high wall.
Nevermind figured it out without cheating. So this is right at the start of Ravi Vallis if anyone else is having this problem You can easily jump over ther first set of walls you come across. When you need to walk down the hill to cross second bridge with a ladder on end of it, all of a sudden you can't jump over those walls. You however for some reason can if you CROUCH JUMP! UGGGGH THIS GAME IS SO FRUSTRATING lol.

So apparently if you have having problems getting to a platform you need to progress in the game try crouch jumping because apparently your jump is just horrendous.
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I once had a keyboard that didn't register Shift+Space so in my case it was a hardware problem.


I mean Ctrl+Space I think it was.
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