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I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I would very much like to skip the Lighthouse level as I am having a very hard time protecting the truck (my eyesignt isn't very good, even with the infrared scopes. the enemies are too small, even at max magnification). I know most of you who've played the game are hard core FPS fans, but I beg your indulgence.

Has anyone figured out how to apply the level skip cheat? I've found the whole list of map codes (10a 10b etc), but not their corresponding level names.

I really appreciate any help given. Thanks :)
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Right here.

Looks like you want chm09c_a.
ZamFear: Right here.

Looks like you want chm09c_a.
superb! Exactly what I need., And if I get stuck even with this, there's always the saved game :)

Thanks heaps Zamfear :)


heh. Just ran into another snag. I'm trying to get out of the russian base. Odd thing though: when I get killed, I restart the game, but all my weapons are gone. Has anyone else encountered this and if so, is there a fix?
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ikonius: I would very much like to skip the Lighthouse level as I am having a very hard time protecting the truck (my eyesignt isn't very good, even with the infrared scopes. the enemies are too small, even at max magnification).
OK, you are obviously past this now and don't care any more. But there are three Tips I would give for this sniper mission, which was VERY FRUSTRATING the first time I played Chaser and made me want to quit the game! But with these tips it will be a lot easier.

1. Use lots of Adrenaline mode. Watch the truck with your scope in zoomed-out (widest view) mode. Soon as you see a tiny gunman, center him in your scope, hit the Adrenaline key, and zoom in. Don't zoom in until you've centered on the gunman and triggered adrenaline. Place your crosshair just in front of where he's going to walk and wait for him to walk into your cursor and then pull the trigger. Be sure to exit Adrenaline immediately after the shot(s) to save it.

2. Stand as far to the right of the window as you can. The truck always moves left (or up/down) and you'll be able to stand at one window longer if you can pan to the left without the lefthand wall getting in your way.

3. Shoot the barrels BEHIND the guy with the grenade launcher. When you get to the street where the guy with the launcher is, don't bother to shoot him... shoot the barrels on the ground behind him. You'll need to be standing pretty far to the right of the window to see them (see tip #2). Not only will this kill the guy, but it will also blow up all the giant tanks on that street. If you DON'T explode the tanks before the truck rolls down that street, one of the other gunmen will trigger the explosions WHILE the truck is on that street, and the truck will take massive damage from the exploding tanks and you won't survive the mission. That's the biggest "secret" to this level that I found.
I've hit a game breaking bug in the beginning of Ravi Vallis Train. I start out still in the mech suit, so I can't jump the wall onto the train rail.

I may need the \map X level skip command, but the above link is dead. Anywhere else I can look?

Edit: I found a map list

Start exe with command parameter

Chaser.exe -console

Map select:

\map Training Training Center - Tutorial
\map chchf01 Training
\map chm01a Majestic Station - Awakening
\map chm01b Majestic Station - Escape
\map chm02x01 Majestic Station - Back To Earth
\map chm02 Montack City - Slum
\map chm03x01 Montack City - The Family
\map chm03bx01 Montack City - Spider
\map chm03b Watergate - Conspiracy
\map chm03bx02 Montack City - Briefing
\map chm03bx03 Montack City - Memories
\map chm03c Waterworks - Infiltration
\map chm04 Montack City Descicion
\map chm05a Little Tokyo - Entrance
\map chm05b Little Tokyo - Underground
\map chm05c Little Tokyo - Shimanko
\map chm05d Little Tokyo - Run Away
\map chm06x01 Airport - New Assignment
\map chm06 Airport - Counterstrike
\map chm07a Nippon Hotel - Penthouse
\map chm07b Nippon Hotel - Dead Man
\map chm07c Nippon Hotel - Ogawa
\map chm07d Nippon Hotel - Basement
\map chm08 Portland - Kabir
\map chm09a Lighthouse - Long Way
\map chm09b Lighthouse - Sniper
\map chm09c_a Underwater - Ship Graveyard
\map chm09c_b Underwater - Ship Graveyard Part 2
\map chm09d Harbour - Submarine
\map chm10a Anadyr - The Gate
\map chm10c Novyy Yeropol - Train Station
\map chm11ax01 Novyy Yeropol - Yevgeniy's Hut
\map chm11b Gulag - Piotr
\map chm12 Spaceport - Payback
\map chm12x_04 Mars - Approching
\map chm13a Mars Spaceport - Complication
\map chm13b Mars Spaceport - Maintance Area
\map chm14a Jailhouse - Jay
\map chm14b Jailhouse - Survival
\map chm14c Jailhouse - Survival Part 2
\map chm16x01 Syd's Bar - The Plan
\map chm18 Military Depot - Assault
\map chm18b Military Depot - Exeskeleton
\map chm19a Ravi Vallis - Train
\map chm19b Ravi Vallis - Assassination
\map chm21a Lomonosov Crater - Betrayal
\map chm21b Lomonosov Crater - Ruins
\map chm21c Lomonosov Crater - Shafts
\map chm21d Lomonosov Crater - Rebels
\map chm21x02 Syd's Bar - Victory
\map chm21x04 Lomonosov Crater - Outro
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