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Hey guys, I'm obviously new to the community and also very happy to see that this great game is still being played currently and even more discussed here recently. I was wondering if anyone could help me play this game in a 1600x900 resolution (I tried modifying the target located in the game shortcut and didn't work), could there be a way to alter a game file towards allowing the use of such display resolution?

Thanks in advance for reading me, I love the forum :D
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Hi, open the \Packs\data.pak in notepad (make backup), find "resolutions" and change Res2_x = 1152 Res2_y = 864 to Res2_x = 1600 Res2_y = 900.
P.S. More details in topic "Changing resolution"
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Hi folks,
Just to let you know that IMPERIUM is back with the sequel Imperium World. The new beta version 1.54 (2019) is now available.
Please find out more at our Discord server: https : / / / RXmBvkB
We look forward to seeing you all back.