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I'm looking at the system requirements, and I'm thinking about purchasing the game, but i'm wondering how strict are the system requirements? How does a 150mb game require 4GB of memory to run? Im on a 2GB laptop and like small light games.
with my experience in the steam version I can say that the game is relatively high demanding in memory and CPU. Time ago the game could suffer memory leaks and things like that. Now solved I presume.

I guess that Unity is the culprit in the requisites. Making the game more demamding than It should be. But we have to think that the game is early access for now and things shall optimize in the final version.
Those are the listed memory requirements for the Unity player. It may work with less powerful systems (many players play on 2GB machines, and we're eventually targeting mobile devices) but your mileage may vary, and we can't 100% guarantee it'll work on anything less than those specs. (because Unity won't)
Post edited July 14, 2018 by bbucklew