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The installation went well, but the game aborts directly at startup ( with the following error:

./ Zeile 16: 4016 Speicherzugriffsfehler ./"CatieinMeowmeowLand_v0.1.0.3_1e54c009/CatieinMeowmeowLand.x86_64"

My questions:

1. does anyone know this error and maybe a solution for it directly?
2. is there any way to get a more "accurate" error message?
3. could the error be due to a Nvidia graphics card without proprietary drivers, or perhaps a video codec for the game must be post-installed?

The system is a Debian testing / unstable.

Hope for help.

Hallo !

I had the same problem, in Debian too, supposedly "Speicherzugriffsfehler" means "Segmentation fault". I think it is related to Vulkan support. Launching the game on the commandline with argument -force-opengl made it start. You can try it changing line 20 in file '' where the game is installed ('~/GOG Games/Catie in Meowmeowland' by default).

./"CatieinMeowmeowLand_v0.1.0.3_1e54c009/CatieinMeowmeowLand.x86_64" -force-opengl

EDIT: I forgot to mention I use a Radeon R7 Kaveri GPU.
Post edited December 30, 2023 by ArheuAgaga