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The next round of updates have arrived! This time, it's mostly small adjustments and bugfixes. The complete list is:

* Bugfix: Using the compass and then a health or ammo statue while awaiting to warp back, you could sometimes trigger unusual situations where the compass wouldn't always disappear (or sometimes reappear, depending on circumstances).
* Bugfix: You could sometimes get trapped by the doors in Blue Haven, forever re-entering houses (until using the compass or restarting the game).
* Bugfix: Sometimes, the game crashed randomly when loading audio files. This is fixed.
* Bugfix: Under very specific circumstances, the game sometimes replaced the save with a blank template for a short amount of time (containing no name and no data). If the game happened to crash or were shut down during this, the actual save was lost forever. This has been fixed.
* Bugfix: The ghost enemies in crashed the game if killed while not being 100% materialized.
* Bugfix: If you died at the exact same time (literally, the same frame!) as you entered a portal in Ardur's Domain, you would respawn on the other side of the portal, being invisible and have 0 health.
* New feature: An extra charm shrine has been added to Ivystone. You'll find it in the house with the portal!
* New feature: When respawning at checkpoints, you'll have a few seconds of invincibility, just as you currently have whenever you warped back using the compass.