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The next patch is here! This patch mostly consists of minor bugfixes. The complete list is:

* The menu, when used from the inventory, wouldn't do anything if you selected "resume game". Instead, you had to press pause to close the menu. Now, you can select "resume game" as well.
* Rebinding keys/buttons wasn't possible if you entered the keyboard/gamepad settings from the inventory menu wheel. This is now fixed.
* The skull icon (showing you where you last died in the world), always showed up on top of the map, regardless of which layer you actually died in. This could lead to the skull being placed in some very confusing places. It now only shows up in the layer of the map where you actually died.
* The compass (that we added in v 1.1.0) opens you up for attacks when you respawn at checkpoints. Even worse, these attacks could usually stack up in a way that you'd die instantly. We've now added invincibility frames whenever you respawn at checkpoints using the compass.
* When the compass is active, it renders the countdown on top of the player. This was drawn on top of other elements such as dialog boxes, the map, inventory etc. too before though. This is fixed.
* There was an invisible spike in the Necromancer's Den! Basically, if you had the misfortune of finding it, you'd get hurt in the same was as stepping on a spike, except you wouldn't be able to see it. We removed this one!

We'd like to say thank you to the people who have taken the time to report these bugs. As usual, these improvements have been made based on feedback from our community!
Post edited December 27, 2019 by EricLavesson